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50 HP Redundant Intensifier w/ HMI Control Panel

[K50cRH] 50 HP Redundant Intensifier w/ HMI Control Panel


[K50cRH] 50 HP Redundant Intensifier w/ HMI Control Panel K50cR Pump Pricing Includes: • 1 Liter Accumulator Capacity • Redundant Topworks • IE3 and NEMA Premium Motor – Optimized Efficiency/Reduced Electrical Consumption • Allen-Bradley PLC Based Electrical Panel w/ Energy Efficient Soft Start • Electronic Cutting Water Inlet Shut-Off Valve • Patented DuraCheck Replaceable Seat Seal Head Assemblies • Dual Pressure Setting • High-Efficiency Water/Oil Plate Cooler • High Pressure Dump Valve with Heavy Duty Catcher Tube • Brass Cylinder Liners • Top & Side Covers with Noise Dampening Material & Gas Hinges • Metal Locking Door Latches – Qty 2 Keys • Specialized Tools Kit & Spare Part Kit • Pump Manual & Maintenance Videos K50cRH Pump Pricing Includes Optional HMI Interface With: • 10 Inch Color Touch Screen • Digital Dynamic Cutting Pressure and Diagnostic Readouts • Alarm Log with Explanations and Date/Time Stamps • Preventative Maintenance Log with Hours/Cycle Times/Reminders

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